What We Do


PayPerks drives behavior change for low– and middle–income consumers

PayPerks is a financial capability and engagement platform that leverages illustrated education and sweepstakes-based rewards to drive win-win outcomes for low– and middle–income (LMI) consumers and the financial institutions that serve them.

Unlike traditional rewards programs, our approach addresses the unique needs and preferences of this market segment to create behavior change that's positive for consumers and profitable for financial service providers.

Financial institutions can add PayPerks as a feature on their products and services, such as prepaid debit cards, to increase adoption, retention, desirable usage, customer self service and loyalty. Consumers trust PayPerks to deliver transparent and truthful advice that helps them minimize unnecessary fees, maximize convenience, and increase understanding.

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PayPerks' unique approach combines education and sweepstakes

PayPerks' patent–pending model pairs engaging tutorials about product features and benefits with the excitement of sweepstakes–based incentives to maximize behavior change.

our approach


The first barrier to adoption and full utilization of financial products is a lack of understanding about the features and benefits of a particular product. PayPerks explains the what, the why and the how through simple, illustrated tutorials.


Chance-based games have been used throughout history to drive engagement. Modern research, conducted by the Doorways to Dreams (D2D) Fund, a partner of PayPerks, shows that sweepstakes can be a powerful tool in changing the behavior of LMI consumers.

Product & Platform

PayPerks provides an end-to-end solution

  • Learn

    PayPerks has a library of illustrated modules, that are subtitled in multiple languages, that financial institutions can pull from and customize to explain key product features/functionality and financial capability topics. PayPerks gamifies this content by providing consumers chances to win cash prizes by demonstrating they have retained the information.

  • Win

    PayPerks creates and operates chance-based games on behalf of financial institutions. PayPerks handles everything from sweepstakes administration to prize fulfillment. Our drawings and instant win games are compliant across the 50 US states.

  • Engage

    Financial institutions can create a friendly and substantive two-way dialogue with their customers through PayPerks' suite of engagement and customer self-service tools.

  • Optimize

    PayPerks' analytics engine incorporates site usage behavior, survey responses, and cardholder data to recommend the most relevant and actionable content and sweepstakes opportunities for users to drive engagement.

  • Access

    PayPerks is designed to deliver optimal user experience across devices, from desktop browsers to mobile phones. We can work with our partners to create embeddable widgets or APIs that bring the PayPerks experience into existing web or mobile assets.

  • Integrate

    With a modern platform, PayPerks can be flexible with how we integrate with our partners. We can do the heavy lifting to build a solution that works with your existing technology and constraints. We are comfortable dealing with the security and audit requirements of our large financial institution partners.

  • Technology

    PayPerks has built a robust, secure and flexible platform, that has been architected with a "security-first" perspective for protecting PII, and scalable to accommodate rewards processing for millions of users and cardholders. We are PCI-DSS compliant.


PayPerks drives win-win outcomes that benefit both financial institutions and consumers

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PayPerks helps financial institutions:

  • Increase adoption
  • Increase desirable usage
  • Increase retention and drive re-activation
  • Promote customer self service
  • Communicate with their customers electronically

PayPerks helps consumers:

  • Clearly understand financial products and their features
  • Minimize fees
  • Maximize convenience
  • Maximize safety and security
  • Feel empowered and savvy
  • Give constructive feedback to their financial institution


PayPerks earns consumer trust through transparency

Long term relationships are based on trust and trust is something that is earned over time. Every day, PayPerks works hard to build trust between PayPerks and consumers to help create trust between financial institutions and their customers.

In a recent survey of PayPerks users, we found that:

  • 96% trust the information they learn on PayPerks
  • 82% report that PayPerks has helped them make better financial decisions
  • 95% find PayPerks tutorials useful and informative