What We Do

Our Solution

PayPerks drives positive behavior change for the underserved

The PayPerks platform enables financial institutions and government and employer payors to easily customize and offer education and rewards programs which improve the profitability of the underserved, while educating and empowering these consumers to better understand and make use of financial products. The platform has proven effective at driving increased profitability and financial capabilities.

For programs with usage rewards enabled, PayPerks has demonstrated improvements of 70%-200% on key card usage behaviors such as direct deposit utilization, POS usage, and retention. On the financial capabilities side, 86% of survey respondents say PayPerks has helped them make better financial decisions.

The platform is fully bi-lingual in English and Spanish and easily extensible into other languages, as well as web and mobile-optimized, to maximize access for underserved consumers.

Our Partners

PayPerks partners with organizations across the value chain

PayPerks sits as the intersection of a number of stakeholders including financial institutions, government and employer payors and social impact organizations.

If you’d like to learn more, you can reach our partner development team at partners@payperks.com.

Our Platform & Technology

The PayPerks Platform is built for scalability, security and flexibility to meet the needs of financial institution partners while providing an exciting and responsive UI to engage consumers.

The front-end is built responsively to be adaptable across web browsers, tablets and mobile phones, and compatibility is ensured with older mobile phone browsers.

PayPerks is PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant and adept at meeting the compliance, reporting and audit needs of our financial institution partners. A robust QA process, which includes automated testing, and ensures highest quality and security standards.