Our Partners


PayPerks sits as the intersection of a number of stakeholders including financial institutions, government and employer payors and social impact organizations.

Financial Institutions

Prepaid and Payments

PayPerks partners with prepaid card Program Managers and other payments providers to create custom solutions designed to drive program profitability. By educating cardholders on the unique features and benefits of each card program, and rewarding them for optimal usage, PayPerks is able to change adoption, usage, retention and customer service in ways that benefit the whole payments value chain.

Short–term credit, Insurance and Remittance

We're in the early stages of exploring how we can leverage the PayPerks platform to help short-term credit, insurance and remittance providers educate and drive behavior change on their products and services. Don't hesitate to reach out if you would like to discuss what this might look like.

Government & Employer Payors

PayPerks turns benefit and wage payments into a teachable moment by layering customized versions of the PayPerks rewards platform onto prepaid cards issued for the purposes of benefits disbursements.

In April 2013, PayPerks rolled out on the Direct Express® program, in partnership with the U.S. Treasury, MasterCard® and Comerica Bank. PayPerks will soon be rolled out with several Program Managers issuing MasterCard-branded cards for the purposes of Child Support and Unemployment Insurance benefits disbursements. Additionally, PayPerks is in early stages of working with several Program Managers to roll out PayPerks to new and existing payroll cardholders.

Social Impact Organizations

At PayPerks, our goal is to empower the underserved with the tools and vocabulary to take control of their finances. PayPerks collaborates with local and national social impact organizations to distribute their educational content to PayPerks’ users.

Consumers benefit from getting the very best education from the best organizations. Social impact organizations benefit by reaching a critical mass of un and underbanked users and getting support from the PayPerks data analytics team to measure how far their message is traveling and how it’s impacting consumer behavior.

Work With Us

If you'd like to learn more, we'd love to schedule a demo of our product and learn more about how you'd like drive behavior change for LMI consumers. Contact our partner development team at partners@payperks.com.